Why is understanding Telematics so important?



Black box insurance is a form of insurance that tracks the driver’s speed, acceleration and cornering, assesses their performance and gives a driving score, upon which your insurance premiums are calculated. If you drive well you may qualify for a discount, if you drive poorly, you may well have your insurance cancelled and you may very well find that no other insurer will accept you either, as they see you as high risk.

Resulting in you being unable to insure your car.

Many companies offer these black box apps and they can differ greatly in their assessment of your driving. Some are good, some are bad, you have no idea what you are getting until you sign up for a policy. This is the dilemma that you as students face, you will have to pick an insurer, hope that you can drive to the standard required by this company every day and hope that the app that they have given you is one of the more accurate ones and that you can qualify for a discount. See * below

Here are a couple of Tweets from disgruntled young drivers.

Louie‏@LouieHalliwell  Why is my insurance coming out at £4500 without a black box
Paul The [email protected]  They want me to pay £4000 to have insurance without a blackbox
Amara‏@_AmAkhtar   actual joke that my cheapest insurance without a black box is 5k

We do not think that this is fair!!

We would prefer that you prepared for black box insurance monitoring and to do that we would like to interest you in our Black Box Insurance Training Program. We use TomTom CURFER Digital Driving Assistant to train you to the standard required by black box insurance companies.

We use the latest product, just released on to the market, from the world renowned sat nav company TomTom. They have introduced a product that WILL train you to the standard required by black box insurance companies.

It is called TomTom CURFER and here is a bit about what it can do.

CURFER teaches you to drive in a safe and responsible manner, it does this by using real time visual and audio alerts on your smartphone which can be placed on the centre console.

It will alert you if it senses any excessive driving manoeuvres such as excessive acceleration, cornering and braking, it will show a colour coded alert on the screen and an audible alert with a message below notifying of what type of incident it was.

When you switch on the tracking option it will also allow you to review your driving at any time using sat nav imagery on Google maps of any journey that you undertake. It will monitor the journey and show you a colour coded overlay of any incidents that occur whether it be braking or acceleration ranging from green for good to red for extreme actions.

This will enable you to point out and address any bad driving that occurs, the combination of the real-time visual alerts and tracked recording of each journey will ensure that you are encouraged to drive safely every journey that you take. You will be able to review your driving performance at any time should you choose to do so. This will ensure that you adopt a safe driving manner that will be comparable to how you will be expected to drive when you have to take out a black box insurance policy.

It can not only reassure you that you can drive in a manner that will be acceptable to black box insurance companies, which in turn could save them hundreds of pounds in insurance costs.

It will teach you how to drive in a fuel efficient manner that will save hundreds of pounds in fuel costs.

It will teach you how to drive your car in a relaxed manner which will save on wear and tear on your vehicle and save you hundreds of pounds in maintenance costs (e.g. brakes, clutch etc.).

We think that we have created the ultimate tech training package for the young drivers of the future designed with your needs in mind. Be prepared, be ready to face the challenge that black box insurance will set you every day, train with our Black Box Insurance CURFER Training Program and you will be ready to face whatever the black box insurance companies throw at you.

Training is available in:

Braintree, Basildon, Brentwood, Billericay, Chelmsford, Wickford, Witham, South Woodham Ferrers

Sign up for our Black Box Insurance CURFER Training Program Today and see if you can rise to tech challenge that will be expected of you.

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Find out how TomTom CURFER can change your life and help keep your insurance low.

* Unlike other devices offered by insurance companies to lower premiums, at the moment there are no formal insurance discount agreements in place for Curfer users